Committee for Women in in Mathematics (WM)², the World Meeting for Women in Mathematics, is organized every four years since 2018 by IMU’s CWM as a satellite event of ICM.


With the recent war in Ukraine and its tragic developments, the preparation of the exhibition МАТЕМАТИКА, through a land of mathematic, has been paused. See the announcement by its authors.

The exhibition project  МАТЕМАТИКА, through a land of mathematics aimed at highlighting ten interviews with women in mathematics across Russia. The heroines identified by МАТЕМАТИКА are researchers, administrators, teachers, some of them involved in the mathematical olympiad movement.

The goal of this project was to sketch, through a series of personal stories, a portrait of modern Russian mathematics. This project was prepared especially for the (WM)^2, and the exhibition was planned to be inaugurated at the meeting. A companion book containing full versions of the interviews as well as photographic impressions of Russian cities, was also in preparation.